Importance of Packaging

6 tips to make your packaging stand out

Packaging isn’t just about making a box. There’s a science and an art behind all forms of really good packaging and packaging sells. In fact, this is one of the few marketing components with which every potential customer interacts, and it’s one of the most important factors in consumer purchasing decisions. With nearly 76 percent of purchasing decisions being made at the point of purchase, a product’s design must immediately stand out from the competition. Here are six tips to help you achieve this.

Target Audience

Always take the time to keep your target audience in mind, put yourself in their shoes to see what motivates them to buy – what is their age, their gender, their economic status or their education level. Determine what message you want the packaging to send to your buyer, whether it be luxury, professional, elegant, serious, make sure you are sending the right message.

Colours – Colour Psychology

Your choice of colours will set your product apart from your competitors’ products. This is one of the most important elements when designing your packaging. Always choose the colours that truly reflect your Brand, this is key to building awareness and keeping customers loyal.

Clear Front Design

Consumers usually spend only a few seconds looking at a new product. This doesn’t give you much time to hold the buyer’s attention, make sure everything is compelling and clear. Avoid using fonts that are difficult to read and always use high resolution images. The front should include only the most essential information.

Use Premium Quality Materials

The branded packaging experience for the consumer is so important! How this looks and feels will play a big part in whether or not someone buys your product. You want the quality of your packaging to reflect the quality of your product. Spend time considering the board you will be using, this can make a big difference to your finished product including the choice of gloss, silk or uncoated material where vibrancy and colours are an important consideration.

Foiling and Embossing

Foil finishing options can provide the ultimate in Product Packaging . You are not limited to gold and silver foils, this also extends to an impressive range of pigmented, pearlescent, opalescent, holographic and security foils. All of these can be combined with embossed images to produce a product with varying tactile effects – any one of which will uplift your product and provide great shelf appeal.

Why Packaging is much more than just a box

There can be many elements to well-designed branded packaging and the experience you give the customer. Here are a selection of ideas which can deliver the best experience and value to your customers: promotional material, business cards, tissue paper, branded stickers, small gifts or samples.

Packaging sells!

At MRP we deliver more than standout packaging. We’re here to make it easy for our clients. We don’t just print and deliver, we add value through design, fulfilment or multiple despatches and much more.

If you are looking for a solution and would like to discuss it, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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L’Occitane’s BLOOM: the box opens up like a blooming flower! Designed by Shanti Shiue, a student attending the Art Center College of Design.


We are proud to announce the installation of our second gluing line, a Vega 100 which will complement our current Vega Junior by offering even more versatility. With ever-increasing demands in efficiency and performance, the VEGA 100 can glue a vast array of products including Straightline, Sidewall, Lockbottom/Crashlock and 4 Corner gluing. With HHS Xtend Glue line detection & Bar Code/Pharma Code scanning, this checks every code to ensure that there is no cross contamination of products. Other features include the MPC Pafra 3 Gun glue system and electronic backfold 4 corner unit. The VEGA 100 can glue cartons as small as 110mm flat up to 1000 wide. 
Did you know we specialise in packaging development and design? Please check out our blog –
‘Frequently Asked Packaging Questions’ and see how we can help you or alternatively please contact us for further information.
Customer quote “Just received my parcel of samples, so many thanks again. Everyone here is most impressed with the quality and you sent me enough copies for me to divi them up amongst the sales force to allow them to show prospective new customers what can be achieved with this method. So much more interesting than boring brown boxes. Hopefully, this will lead to more business for us both.” Megapak

Frequently Asked Packaging Questions

MRP are commercial printers aren’t they?
Yes, but much more as well.

Did you know we also produce bespoke cartons & corrugated packaging?With our in-house production facilities we can produce an extensive range of folded cartons, lid and base boxes, header cards, blister cards, sleeves and envelopes with a wide range of materials and specifications. We are also experienced in Point of Sale materials to help promote your produce or brand. We can even produce very small quantities of printed packaging for promotions and gifts digitally.

Value engineering & re-design
Whether you wish to create a clever new design for your product, reduce your packaging costs, or are mindful of the environment, we can create solutions for you.  Streamlining a package, creating dual purpose packaging or alternative designs can all help with the presentation and identity of your product and may well help reduce costs. As we produce a wide range packaging profiles we may already have a profile design to suit your needs, reducing design and cutter costs

Call our team to discuss details
We can work with you to produce the ideal solution for your product and budget. Development samples will be provided to ensure we provide the exact fit! We are happy to work with visuals, existing packaging and technical drawings.

Why move to MRP?
We are friendly, professional family run business and can react quickly, offer high quality solutions in all that we do, offering “Simply a Better Service”. We offer storage solutions and complete product and marketing solutions.

Is Midland Regional Printers environmentally aware?
MRP are committed to lower pollution and to reduce our carbon footprint, please see our Environment Page

Can you match the colours of my previous printed items?
Yes if you supply MRP with previously printed samples, pantone references or a product we will ensure to match the colours.

Help! I need something printing urgently!
No problem, just call our office, explain when you need this urgent item and we will do what we can meet your requirements.

What’s the next stage?
We hope from reading through these FAQ’s it has helped introduce MRP. Please feel free to contact us to arrange a meeting a quote on an upcoming project. We look forward to hearing from you.


Packaging Trends 2015

Packaging has power – enormous power – over what we buy.  We identify with a product because we believe that it does what we want it to do and the trend for 2015 seems to be taking a Curved turn! If you want to take your Packaging into vivid, exciting, and compelling new directions, please feel free to contact us and speak to our dedicated team packaging printing.


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Stylish Packaging Range for Luxury Brand

MRP have recently produced this premium range of Boxes and Labels for a luxury Soap & Candle brand. We are really proud to be able to help them launch their new collection.

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Luxury Packaging Range

5 reasons why packaging is much more than a ‘BOX’

People use packaging every day – from a shrink-wrapped pack of apples, to the exquisite perfume box for that some one special. And at one point or an other we all have said “there’s too much packaging”. Hungarian to English phrases . But packaging isn’t just about making a box. Oh no, there’s a science and and art behind all forms of really good packaging.

So why packaging?

Here’s 5 reasons why packaging is much more than a ‘BOX’.

1) To protect the content from the environment including dust, light or air.

2) To inform buyers about the content: ingredients, usage, storage and so on.

3) To present a product to the consumer in a user friendly form.

4) To protect the product during transportation.

5) And, to promote the brand through attractive design, quality print with a hierarchy of content.

A combination of these and other factors demonstrates the importance of packaging.

And packaging sells!

At MRP we deliver more than a standout piece of packaging. We’re here to make it easy for our clients. We don’t just print and deliver, we add value through design, fulfilment or multiple despatches and more.

If you have a packaging need and would like to discuss it, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Please call 0115 955 1000 or email

It’s One call, One company, One solution! And here are a few examples of how the above work with great packaging.

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