• Our Commitment To The Environment

Midland Regional Printers
& The Environment   

As a company, MRP recognises the responsibilities in today’s environmentally friendly society, beyond producing and selling of goods. We are committed to lower pollution and reduce our carbon footprint with compliance to the relevant legal requirements and Codes of Practice.

With a policy of continuous improvement, the below objectives are to be a focus of everyday business:

  • Continually reduce our carbon footprint, before, during and beyond our supply chain as a result of our work procedures.
  • Constantly review business methods to preserve the local environment.
  • Constantly review methods of collection and recycling with all our suppliers.
  • Minimise our environmental impact by committing to suitable recycling and waste minimising schemes,  recycling all possible waste including paper, board, plastics, metal and most chemicals.
  • Use recycled, recyclable and reusable packaging wherever possible and continue to use materials from  managed sources that contain minimal or no environmentally harmful substances, ensuring greenhouse  gases are kept to the minimum.
  • Continue to use only vegetable (soy) based inks made from renewable natural products.
  • Always print on recycled or virgin material from well managed forests, other controlled sources and environmentally aware sources.
  • Consider the feasibility of new environmentally friendly technology when it becomes available in an effort to reduce the company’s environmental impact even further.

Ask us what we are doing to reduce plastic bags and how you can use this.

Environmental Management System

Midland Regional Printers Ltd is proud is be an ISO 14001 certfied printer. This recognises our strong commitment to using
printing processes and introducing measures that minimise our impact on the environment. ISO 14001 is an internationally
recognised Environmental Management System accreditation.

Carbon Balanced Paper

We can now offer Carbon Balanced Paper to reduce the carbon impacts of your marketing communications. Please contact us for further details and information on the logo you can use on your final printed items.

Sustainable Forests

We always print on Recycled or virgin material from well managed forests,
other controlled sources and environmentally aware suppliers.
To this effect, we have created our own logo, which you are free to use.

Midland Regional Printers are proud to support the World Land Trust.