5 reasons why packaging is much more than a ‘BOX’

People use packaging every day – from a shrink-wrapped pack of apples, to the exquisite perfume box for that some one special. And at one point or an other we all have said “there’s too much packaging”. Hungarian to English phrases . But packaging isn’t just about making a box. Oh no, there’s a science and and art behind all forms of really good packaging.

So why packaging?

Here’s 5 reasons why packaging is much more than a ‘BOX’.

1) To protect the content from the environment including dust, light or air.

2) To inform buyers about the content: ingredients, usage, storage and so on.

3) To present a product to the consumer in a user friendly form.

4) To protect the product during transportation.

5) And, to promote the brand through attractive design, quality print with a hierarchy of content.

A combination of these and other factors demonstrates the importance of packaging.

And packaging sells!

At MRP we deliver more than a standout piece of packaging. We’re here to make it easy for our clients. We don’t just print and deliver, we add value through design, fulfilment or multiple despatches and more.

If you have a packaging need and would like to discuss it, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Please call 0115 955 1000 or email katet@mrp.uk.com.

It’s One call, One company, One solution! And here are a few examples of how the above work with great packaging.

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