MRP – ISO 14001 – Environmental Management System

At Midland Regional Printers Ltd, we are proud to have been certified with ISO 14001 by United Registrar of Systems.

With this accreditation you can be sure we recognise the contribution we make to our client’s environmental strategies and our responsibilities, beyond just the production of goods.

We are continuously looking to improve and protect the environment by identifying, implementing and monitoring ways in which to reduce our impact upon the local and global environment.

To this end, MRP has implemented and maintains an Environmental Management System, which meets the requirements of ISO 14001:2015, to ensure that we provide our goods and services in an environmentally responsible manner.

On being awarded the ISO 14001 accreditation, we as a company sincerely hope you will have the confidence to trust in the professional service we offer so we can provide the foundations to better customer satisfaction and to continually meet yourpackaging and label needs.

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So what is MRP’s policy? Please see below the main areas we are targeting

  • Foster a sense of environmental responsibility amongst all our staff.
  • Reduce waste and the consumption of resources (materials, fuel and energy)
  • Ensure unavoidable waste is recycled, reused or recovered, wherever possible.
  • Ensure that our staff act in accordance with this policy and in compliance with our Environmental Management System.
  • Minimise the environmental effects of material sourcing by evaluating the environmental performance of our suppliers.
  • Ensure we can detect, and where possible prevent pollution through accidental emissions or effluent discharges.
  • Continually strive to improve our environmental performance and prevent pollution.
  • Set, monitor and achieve environmental objectives and targets.
  • Ensure compliance with relevant Legislation and Regulations.
  • Consider new environmentally friendly technology when it becomes available.
  • Use recycled, recyclable or reusable packaging wherever possible.
  • Always use recycled, FSC certified or materials from well managed forests or controlled sources.
  • Regularly supporting World Land Trust