• Good packaging protects your product.


Packaging Printing Nottingham

At MRP, we offer bespoke print packaging design and development solutions, which we tailor for your individual requirements.

We produce an extensive array of cartons, trays, product showcases, point-of-sale displays and greetings cards from FSC accredited materials and specifications.

With our team of experienced cardboard engineers and talented graphic designers, we can bring your vision to life and give your products the best possible shelf appeal.

Why Choose MRP To Print Your Packaging?

Full Cad and artwork design available

Management from concept to completion

Modifications to existing packaging

Space-saving / money-saving optionsavailable

Co-packing and fulfilment

Storage and distribution

What Packaging Can We Print?

Custom Cartons:
Our expertise in cardboard packaging allows us to offer customised solutions to fit a wide range of containers, including bottles and jars. Our versatility in terms of style, shape and size ensures that we can create the perfect packaging solution to meet your specific requirements.

Shipping Cartons:
With more online purchases, our branded shipping cartons provide a memorable unboxing experience, that makes your customers feel special. By investing in a personalised and distinctive packaging solution, you can differentiate yourself from the competition and build a strong connection with your customers.

Display Stands – POS:
Our range of display items leaves nothing to chance – we have the perfect product for every occasion.

Patient Information leaflets:
These can be produced in full colour or black only, they are then supplied to you pre-folded, ready for use with packaging machines or hand insertion.

Special Finishes:
Enhance your packaging with our premium finishing options. We offer a range of high-end finishes including metallic foiling, embossing, raised textured patterns, and spot gloss or matt varnishes to create a luxurious carton that reflects the quality of your brand.

Co-packing and Fulfilment:
We offer a comprehensive range of packing and fulfilment services to meet all your requirements. Whether you need to rework stock, hand assemble your products, or packing into gift sets, we’ve got you covered. Our experienced team ensure that your products are packed and dispatched with the utmost care and precision.

Product Safety:
We have pharmacode readers on all our gluing machines, these provide a final safety check to ensure cartons can’t be mixed. Packaging can be multiple SKUs and we understand how important it is that the right components go into the box/package.

Due to the nature of the confidential projects we produce, we run with a company lock-down and no unwanted visitors can access the production site. We also have a no mobile phone policy for visitors, tradesmen and all staff. For the managers who do require mobile phones, we have supplied them with basic mobile phones that do not have cameras.

Colour Matching:
As everything is produced in-house, we can colour match between labels and packaging, or match products and samples you supply us with.

Award Winning:
We have won the Global 100 Awards for ‘Most Innovative Digital Printing Company’ the last three years running. We have won ‘Best Packaging’ at the prestigious Hemp and CBD Expo Awards both years this ran and we have also been finalists in the Print Week Awards.

All produced In-house
We understand the importance of delivering high-quality products to your customers and we strive to provide a hassle-free experience that exceeds your expectations. With our flexible, full in-house production and reliable services, you can focus on growing your business while we take care of the rest.

Packaging should do three things: protect the product, communicate the product, and sell the product – Louis P Bowers


With an ever increasing desire from customers for their products and processes to be environmentally friendly, at Midland Regional Printers Nottingham, we make sure we put ourselves at the forefront of trialling new techniques to ensure we meet these requirements.

A recent request, from a major toy company, initially seemed like a tall order. We needed to come up with packaging that was 100% recyclable, but a problem arose due to the use of gloss laminate. The gloss laminate would have to be substituted but it was important that a high gloss finish was still maintained. Working closely with board suppliers and coating manufacturers, various combinations were tried, together with different machine settings, techniques and timings.

The trials proved so successful that the combination of board, coating and technique has been accepted as the standard for all our production, replacing gloss laminate. As a bonus, how often is Environmentally Friendly actually more cost effective? For more information about this, please contact us to see how we can help to make your product more environmentally friendly.

Our Range Of Package Printing Services Include:

  • Cartons

  • Dispensers

  • Fitments

  • Header and hanging cards

  • Presentation boxes

  • Litho laminated boxes







  • Board games

  • Sleeves and Wallets

  • Backing cards

  • Show cards

  • Skin pack boards

  • Trays