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Digital Printing Nottingham

Midland Regional Printers Ltd offers a comprehensive in-house digital printing solution. For digital printing Nottingham we have invested in the latest digital technology to be able to offer great quality (matching litho), quick turnaround and excellent prices and amazing combination.

Whatever your printing needs, be that a corporate identity concept, personalisation, a brochure, poster, leaflet, banner, flyer, business stationery or greetings cards that you need designing and digital printing then please contact us. One of our highly skilled team members will be happy to help, discuss and advise on all your digital printing needs.

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Digital printing needs minimal press setup, meaning it carries a far quicker response time.

In comparison to other techniques, the entire digital printing process is streamlined and simplified. There are less overall steps including no plates or press make-readies and as a result of this, the final product can be delivered in a far quicker length of time, meaning turnaround times are significantly less.

Cost effective:

Enabling companies to make financial savings is another benefit offered by digital printers Nottingham. Traditional printing services have always had quotas or minimum orders required when you used their services. However, because of the flexibility of the printing press, digital printing companies do not have these sorts of boundaries, proving the freedom for the businesses and individuals to save and get the exact amount that they need.


Producing proofs for digital printing is easy and inexpensive, meaning you get a high quality, colour correct proof on the material of your choice for your marketing material, product or label before you go to print. Giving you full control and plenty of opportunity to make sure you are happy to proceed.

Small Quantities:

We recognise that there are occasions when only a small run of printing is required and for this reason digital printing is perfect. This gives you the same high quality print as our litho presses, but more affordably in smaller quantities. There is also the option to take advantage of being able to order multiple varieties for the same price. Ideally suited for quantities from 25 up to 5000.


Our digital printing facility is second to none, offering high quality 100% colour variable print and personalisation for all your offline communication needs. From the clever use of data, variable digital print (also referred to as variable data print) is an extremely effective medium; allowing you to completely personalise your direct mail and other offline communications with relevant copy and imagery, targeted messages, and unique call to actions or special offers.


Digital printing is more environmentally friendly than conventional printing as there are no pre-press stages between the digitally supplied file and the final print. A few advantages are less chemicals used, less material waste and environmentally friendly toners. If your company wants to boost its green credentials then digital printing is one method that’ll do the job nicely.

State Of The Art Machinery

Our Konica Minolta Bizhub PRO C5501 press is capable of producing high quality, short run, quick turnaround and variable data print. Our Digital replicates a Litho finish using wax toners. We are able to print on weights of 100gsm – 350gsm as well as bond labels and other pre-cut labels. Our Digital also includes Next-generation Simitri® HD Colour Polymerized Toner technology with smaller particle size for ultra-fine image detail.

Digital Print Dramatically Improves ROI

The use of digitally produced correspondence with personalised and relevant information combined with the intelligent use of your data to target qualified individuals can not only save valuable time and money but has proven success in dramatically increasing response rates, conversion rates and ROI.

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