Printweek 2024 Awards Finalists

We had an amazing time attending Printweek Awards 2024 in London again.

This was our fourth year as finalists and we are thrilled to have been recognised in two categories – Environmental Company of the Year and Packaging Printer of the Year SME.

The comments from the judges made us incredible proud: ‘This is a tremendous achievement against extremely tough competition. This year we received an astounding calibre of entries from across the country, so being shortlisted is an incredible feat’’.

The awards were held at The Brewery, in trendy east London, which is a stunning venue. The night started with champagne on arrival, a delicious three-course meal, followed by the awards being announced and presented.

We are grateful to everyone who supported us and we are excited to participate in next year’s prestigious awards.

We would like to thank Jayde Adams for announcing the awards.


Ecologi Partner

Partnering with Ecologi for Tree Planting

We are proud to share our latest and very exciting news with you.

At MRP, sustainability has always been at the very heart of what we do. We are proud to announce our partnership with Ecologi, where we are committed to planting a tree for every order we receive. You can check out the number of trees we have planted and the amount of CO2 we have neutralised by visiting We have also pledged to continue planting trees monthly through a subscription.

Ecologi collaborates with countries all over the world, mainly in the Global South, to plant trees in regions where the environmental, social, and economic impact is the most significant. Their focus is on reforestation projects, carbon offsetting, and supporting initiatives that align with the principles of environmental conservation. Each tree planted by Ecologi is certified for full traceability, ensuring the highest level of quality and accountability.

Now, the exciting part for you! As the trees are planted from your orders, we can send you a personalised certificate for the number of trees you have helped plant over the last year, as well as any future orders. This certificate will be an excellent addition to your marketing materials and social media, showcasing your contribution to fighting climate change.

Previously, we partnered with Grow My Tree, and over the last year, we planted an amazing 6,672 trees with them, neutralising 146,784kg of CO2!

If you want to find out more about our tree-planting initiative, please feel free to contact us.

If you are interested in planting trees – please see…

Finalists 2023

FlexoTech Awards Finalists

We had an amazing time attending the FlexoTech Awards in London again.

This was our fourth year as finalists and we are thrilled to have been recognised in both the Digital Labels and Packaging and Environmentally Sustainable Company categories. We are grateful to everyone who supported us and we are excited to participate in next year’s prestigious awards.

We would like to thank Will Mellor for delivering a fantastic speech and announcing the awards.

You can find more information at

Seven tips to make your packaging stand out

Packaging is not just about putting a product in a box, it involves both science and art to create really good packaging that sells. In fact, packaging is one of the most crucial factors in consumer purchasing decisions. With almost 76 percent of purchasing decisions being made at the point of purchase, a product’s design must immediately stand out from the competition.

1. Promote Brand Awareness: Having visually appealing packaging can increase brand awareness and generate consumer interest. A unique and distinctive design can help shoppers become more familiar with your brand and its style. The more visually striking your packaging looks, the more memorable it becomes – both online and in-store.

2. Colours – Colour Psychology: Your choice of colours will set your product apart from your competitors. Colours influence human behaviour, making it one of the most important elements when designing your packaging. Always take the time to choose colours that make sense with your target market and the emotions you want to create with your products.

3. Keep it Simple: In today’s fast-paced world, consumers have a very short attention span. Therefore, it is essential to catch their attention quickly. If your packaging has too many elements, it is highly likely that they won’t spend much time deciphering it. Even though you should use attractive colours and designs, it is best to keep it simple and straightforward if you want to attract new customers.

4. Use Premium Quality Materials: The branded packaging experience for the consumer is so important. You want the quality and appearance of your packaging to reflect the quality of your product. To ensure this, it is important to invest time in choosing the right board material and finish, such as gloss, silk, or uncoated – especially if the vibrancy and colours of the product are vital considerations.

5. Foiling and Embossing: Foil adds a touch of luxury to your product packaging and enhances its appearance. It not only sets your products apart from your competitors but also elevates their perceived value. You are not limited to gold and silver foils, this also extends to an impressive range of pigmented, pearlescent, opalescent, holographic, and security foils. All of these can be combined with embossed images to produce a product with varying tactile effects – any one of which will uplift your product and provide great shelf appeal.

6. Sustainable Packaging: Many brands are adopting sustainable packaging for various reasons. These include corporate social responsibility, decreasing their carbon footprint, reducing waste, boosting sales, and meeting consumer demand. At MRP, we offer eco-friendly options and plastic-free development. Furthermore, we plant a tree for every order we receive.

7. Unboxing Experience: The ‘unboxing experience’ refers to the moment when a customer receives a package and opens it to reveal the items inside. The main purpose is to provide additional value to the customer by creating a memorable and shareable experience. Here are some ideas that can help you deliver the best experience and value to your customers: printing on the inside of the mailer, adding promotional material, business cards, tissue paper, branded stickers, small gifts, or samples.

Partner with MRP to help: At MRP, we don’t just print and deliver, we add value through design, development, fulfilment, co-packing, and much more.

If you are looking for a solution and would like to discuss it, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Call 0115 955 1000 or email

One call, One company, One solution!

Mounter - MRP

MRP invests in the latest state-of-the-art Laminator

In-line with our continued investment plan, we are excited to announce the recent installation of our Fengchi High-Speed Laminator – GW-1450L, which replaces our previous Lamina Laminator. This machine offers greater versatility, productivity and efficiency. It is specifically designed for sheet-to-sheet mounting of paper to board and board to board, both solid and corrugated.

With a running speed in excess of 10,000 sheets per hour, this laminator has the ability to mount two sheets of board together in various thicknesses as well as paper to board. It can also mount various substrates to open or closed-faced corrugated board. The laminator has full servo control with edge-to-edge registration accuracy and automatic feeding.

The machine also comes with a ‘Flip Flop Stacker’ that automatically turns the sheets to prevent curling, with no effect on running speed, something that was previously completed manually and did adversely affect the machine output.

We believe that this machine will provide better options to our clients, improve turnaround times, and also create opportunities in new markets. Subscription boxes are on the rise, and our clients are increasingly looking for environmentally friendly options, moving away from plastic packaging.

All CAD design, printing, mounting, die-cutting, and gluing take place at our Nottingham site. We also offer full self-adhesive label and ribbon printing, maintaining colour consistency across all your printed products.

To keep up with the latest technologies, we have also recently invested in the state-of-the-art Sanwa 1060 S.C.B. Axia blacking and die-cutting press and two advanced packers for the gluing machines.

Midland Regional Printers are committed to quality and service, holding both the ISO 9001 and 14001 accreditations, as well as FSC certified. We also plant trees for every order received. We take pride in the company’s structure, staying up-to-date with technology, and our fully integrated plant, which enables us to be versatile and meet customer requirements.

Please contact for further information

U8 Girls Arnold Town FC

New Partnership with U8 Girls Arnold Town FC

We have recently partnered with U8 Girls Arnold Town Football Club to supply their kit for the upcoming league.

The girls have already played their first friendly game and the league is set to begin this weekend. We are proud to support the girls and wish them the very best of luck.

Jo Meakin, who manages the team, expressed her gratitude for the company’s sponsorship: “Thank you so much for sponsoring our fantastic group of girls for their kit and rain jackets. We really do appreciate it and it means the world to the girls (and me)!”

Kate Tew, Sales & Marketing Director at Midland Regional Printers, said, “We are thrilled to be working with Arnold Town and supporting them in their endeavours.”

Solar Panels MRP

MRP invests in Solar Panels

We are excited to share that today, we have ordered 290 solar panels for our largest building.

At MRP, we prioritise sustainability and this investment is just one of the ways we are contributing to the fight against climate change and lowering our environmental impact.

We are working with Tekidan Ltd, who will be installing these in September for us.

More updates to follow!

New Soft Touch Coating

New Soft Touch Coating available at MRP

We are excited to announce our new Soft Touch Coating – an environmentally friendly alternative to soft touch laminate.

This coating is completely plastic-free, 100% recyclable, and cheaper than traditional laminates.

As customer demand for eco-friendly products continues to grow, we strive to stay ahead of the curve by testing new techniques and materials. Through our collaboration with board suppliers and coating manufacturers, we have found the perfect combination of board, coating, and technique that meets our high standards for quality and sustainability.

We have replaced laminate with this new coating on all of our in-house marketing materials and our customers are giving us great feedback on their products.

While lamination can provide protection from moisture and enhance the visual appeal of your printed items, it’s important to note that it has a negative impact on the environment. Lamination renders your boxes non-biodegradable and not entirely recyclable due to the use of a thin layer of plastic film.

Contact us to learn more about how our eco-friendly options can benefit your products

We also offer high gloss and extra matt coatings as excellent alternatives to laminate.

Sustainable Business Magazine

MRP feature in Sustainable Business Magazine

We are proud to be featuring in Sustainable Business Magazine, with our latest steps to help mitigate climate change and protect the environment.

Sustainability has always been at the very heart of what we do here at MRP. We feel it is crucial for each and every one of us to discover new and better ways of reducing our environmental impact and contribute towards mitigating the devastating effects of climate change on our planet. Additionally, we believe that there are numerous promising opportunities available to create a greener and brighter future.

At MRP, we have a strong commitment to eco-friendly practices that align with our values and beliefs. We are proud of what we have achieved so far and are constantly seeking new ways to lessen our impact on the environment.

Please see attached the link to the article: nottingham-packaging-label-specialist-partners-with-grow-my-tree-in-latest-move-to-help-tackle-climate-change/. We have a long history of implementing eco-friendly initiatives, which are central to the our values and ethos and we are proud of what we have achieved so far.

Sharing some of the ways we are accomplishing this.

We have partnered with Grow My Tree and we are planting a tree for every order we receive. We have already planted 5,002 trees, neutralising 110,000kg CO2

We support the World Land Trust by buying an acre of land every year (10 acres so far in Argentina, Kenya and South Africa).

 Supporting The World Land Trust’s ‘Restore Armenia’s Forests Appeal’

We are proud to have successfully been awarded ISO 14001 Environmental Management System certification for the fourth year running

We have successfully been awarded FSC Accreditation for the third year running.

We have replaced our compressed air system, saving an incredible 26,874kg CO2 per year – a 57.3% saving.

We are in the process of finalising the purchase of 290 solar panels to provide us with eco-friendly energy.

Minimise our environmental impact by committing to suitable recycling and waste minimising schemes, recycling all possible waste including paper, board, plastics, metal and most chemicals.

For more information please feel free to contact us.

Grow My Tree Partnership

MRP partnership with GROW MY TREE

We are proud to share our latest and very exciting news with you.

Sustainability has always been at the very heart of what we do here at MRP, we are on a mission to help fight climate change which is why we are very proud to be partnering with GROW MY TREE!

We have already planted 4,000 trees – neutralising a massive 88,000 CO2! For every order you place with us (no matter how big or small), we will plant a tree just for you. Our aim is to plant at least a further 4,000 trees this year.

GROW MY TREE works with countries in the Global South to plant trees where the environmental, social and economic leverage is greatest – ensuring all plantings are fair, sustainable and certified. Only trees native to that area with high survival rates are planted to protect the local flora and fauna – this also helps guarantee the long-term survival of the trees. Every tree is certified for full traceability.

The trees are planted in collaboration with local farmers, this generates income and supports local communities. Cultural traditions and the needs of the local communities are strictly taken into account, along with high ethical standards and fair wages.

With your help, we would like to plant as many trees as possible and we would like to thank you for helping us achieve what we have so far!

As these trees are planted from your orders, we can send you a personalised certificate for the number of trees you have helped plant over the last year, as well as future orders going forward.

If you would like to find out more about buying or gifting trees please feel free to contact us or see