We are proud to announce the installation of our second gluing line, a Vega 100 which will complement our current Vega Junior by offering even more versatility. With ever-increasing demands in efficiency and performance, the VEGA 100 can glue a vast array of products including Straightline, Sidewall, Lockbottom/Crashlock and 4 Corner gluing. With HHS Xtend Glue line detection & Bar Code/Pharma Code scanning, this checks every code to ensure that there is no cross contamination of products. Other features include the MPC Pafra 3 Gun glue system and electronic backfold 4 corner unit. The VEGA 100 can glue cartons as small as 110mm flat up to 1000 wide. 
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Customer quote “Just received my parcel of samples, so many thanks again. Everyone here is most impressed with the quality and you sent me enough copies for me to divi them up amongst the sales force to allow them to show prospective new customers what can be achieved with this method. So much more interesting than boring brown boxes. Hopefully, this will lead to more business for us both.” Megapak