Frequently Asked Packaging Questions

MRP are commercial printers aren’t they?
Yes, but much more as well.

Did you know we also produce bespoke cartons & corrugated packaging?With our in-house production facilities we can produce an extensive range of folded cartons, lid and base boxes, header cards, blister cards, sleeves and envelopes with a wide range of materials and specifications. We are also experienced in Point of Sale materials to help promote your produce or brand. We can even produce very small quantities of printed packaging for promotions and gifts digitally.

Value engineering & re-design
Whether you wish to create a clever new design for your product, reduce your packaging costs, or are mindful of the environment, we can create solutions for you.  Streamlining a package, creating dual purpose packaging or alternative designs can all help with the presentation and identity of your product and may well help reduce costs. As we produce a wide range packaging profiles we may already have a profile design to suit your needs, reducing design and cutter costs

Call our team to discuss details
We can work with you to produce the ideal solution for your product and budget. Development samples will be provided to ensure we provide the exact fit! We are happy to work with visuals, existing packaging and technical drawings.

Why move to MRP?
We are friendly, professional family run business and can react quickly, offer high quality solutions in all that we do, offering “Simply a Better Service”. We offer storage solutions and complete product and marketing solutions.

Is Midland Regional Printers environmentally aware?
MRP are committed to lower pollution and to reduce our carbon footprint, please see our Environment Page

Can you match the colours of my previous printed items?
Yes if you supply MRP with previously printed samples, pantone references or a product we will ensure to match the colours.

Help! I need something printing urgently!
No problem, just call our office, explain when you need this urgent item and we will do what we can meet your requirements.

What’s the next stage?
We hope from reading through these FAQ’s it has helped introduce MRP. Please feel free to contact us to arrange a meeting a quote on an upcoming project. We look forward to hearing from you.