Carbon Balancing Your Printing

Carbon Balanced Paper

Carbon Balanced Paper provides the total environmental solution, with high credibility and integrity, for customers and their clients to reduce carbon impacts in their paper based communications.

What is Carbon Balanced Paper

Carbon Balanced put simply, is where the carbon impacts of that product or service has been estimated and an equivalent amount of carbon is either prevented from being released or is absorbed from the atmosphere.

Balancing is facilitated by the World Land Trust, an ecological charity which ensures you and your clients the peace of mind in the credibility and integrity of how carbon impacts are balanced.

Carbon Balanced Paper products

Howard Smith Paper Group have 4 ranges, think4RegencyGreencoat 80 / 55 recycled coated and Greencoat Offset, already with the highest environmental kudos, are offered as Carbon Balanced Paper as an inherent part of the products’ features and benefits.

Furthermore, all products can be offered as Carbon Balanced Paper as an opt-in feature.


When you choose Carbon Balanced Paper you can include a specially developed logo on your print run: an instant, high-visibility seal that conveys your commitment to reducing your carbon impacts, and enhances your brand.

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