Carbon Balancing Your Printing

Carbon Balanced Paper

Carbon Balanced Paper provides the total environmental solution, with high credibility and integrity, for customers and their clients to reduce carbon impacts in their paper based communications.

What is Carbon Balanced Paper

Carbon Balanced put simply, is where the carbon impacts of that product or service has been estimated and an equivalent amount of carbon is either prevented from being released or is absorbed from the atmosphere.

Balancing is facilitated by the World Land Trust, an ecological charity which ensures you and your clients the peace of mind in the credibility and integrity of how carbon impacts are balanced.

Carbon Balanced Paper products

Howard Smith Paper Group have 4 ranges, think4RegencyGreencoat 80 / 55 recycled coated and Greencoat Offset, already with the highest environmental kudos, are offered as Carbon Balanced Paper as an inherent part of the products’ features and benefits.

Furthermore, all products can be offered as Carbon Balanced Paper as an opt-in feature.


When you choose Carbon Balanced Paper you can include a specially developed logo on your print run: an instant, high-visibility seal that conveys your commitment to reducing your carbon impacts, and enhances your brand.

For more details

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Toy Fair 2016

We have had an excellent time visiting the 2016 Toy Fair at the Olympia Exhibition Centre, London! It is always great to see world’s toy companies showing off their latest product ranges, including action figures, board games, toys and other great treasures.

We are proud to see the stands and displays full of toy packaging and catalogues we have produced. We look forward to working with our existing clients and many new brands through 2016 and beyond.

Review by Clarity Cleanse Organic Skincare

Excellent review from Clarity Cleanse Organic Skincare:

‘I cannot recommend this firm enough !! Catherine has lead my project of new labels and boxes for my beauty range clarity cleanse with up most attention to detail and going above and beyond expectations ! If you are wanting a quick turnaround with competitive prices and outstanding quality then MRP are for you !! Thank you so much guys !!!!’

After meeting Jolene Field and discussing her new range of beauty products, we created her packaging and labels from initial concept to completion, adding gold foil to emphasise her luxury brand. Please check out her range at


Ursula Kelly Photography Review

MRP loved working on this Makeover and Boudoir Marketing for Ursula Kelly Photography.

‘Shout out to Kate Tew for the super fab printing job she did on my Makeover & Boudoir promotional material. Kate made suggestions on the weight of paper, the size to shrink my vouchers down to so they would fit inside the tri-folds ( which I hadn’t even thought of) and even managed to get me extra business cards more than requested whilst turning it around on time & budget! All done with super efficiency and a smile. search for domain names view history Bonus for me it turns out we are only 5 mins away from each other. A big thank you – no need for me to shop online for my printing anymore’.

Thank you for your great feedback, look forward to working with you in the future.

7 Reasons Print is Essential to Your Marketing Strategies

Many businesses have completely migrated their marketing efforts to the web because of its speed, flexibility, cost effectiveness, exposure potential and convenience, but print still remains a powerful and necessary component of any initiative. When looking for printers Nottingham you should consider the following:

Print advantages over digital:

Tangible – Print items are physical objects. Magazines, brochures and leaflets can be found in homes or offices for months or years, while Internet adverts and email tend to disappear instantaneously.

Credibility – Printed items are often perceived as more legitimate and trustworthy. The sheer quantity of information on the web can be overwhelming and the fear of spam, scams and viruses tend to make people hesitant and wary.

Branding – Print is excellent for solidifying your brand identity. To establish brand recognition, make sure your communications have a constant look to them in terms of fonts, colours and imagery. From this comes a sense of familiarity and trust.

Targeted – Placing adverts in publications such as speciality magazines and sending direct mail can effectively reach niche audiences that may be more difficult to target online.

Engagement – Consumers are more engaged when reading printed material than they are on the internet, with viewing lasting 15 seconds on average per visit. Hence people are more likely to take in what you are saying.

Less saturation – With more and more businesses relying solely on the Internet and email, the decline of printed materials can actually be used as a marketing advantage allowing your communications to stand out.

Integrating print and digital – Placing your personal URL on printed pieces is an excellent way to bridge the gap between print and web. Finding the right balance between various media will ensure a steady revenue flow, increase sales and capture new business.

Pantone Colour Matching

Sharing these 20 beautiful tiny objects, colour matched with Pantone Chips by Graphic Designer Inka Mathew. Need help with your colour matching? At MRP we love mixing colours and finding you that perfect match.

LinkedIn Training by Blend Social

Thanks Blend Social for an excellent LinkedIn training session yesterday. Excellent morning with lots of great in-depth knowledge and really professional approach. Cannot recommend Blend Social enough! Look forward to working together again soon! Please check out for more information.


Lunch with Kirsty Henshaw

Had an excellent day Friday with Forward Ladies at The Nottingham Belfy Hotel. It was amazing to meet Kirsty Henshaw and listen to her incredible and very inspirational journey. Really well organised event and loved meeting some really interesting people. Look forward to more events with Forward Ladies!

Henshaw Henshaw2

Packaging Trends 2015

Packaging has power – enormous power – over what we buy.  We identify with a product because we believe that it does what we want it to do and the trend for 2015 seems to be taking a Curved turn! If you want to take your Packaging into vivid, exciting, and compelling new directions, please feel free to contact us and speak to our dedicated team packaging printing.


#PackagingDesign #PackagingNottingham


Stylish Packaging Range for Luxury Brand

MRP have recently produced this premium range of Boxes and Labels for a luxury Soap & Candle brand. We are really proud to be able to help them launch their new collection.

#PackagingDesign #NottinghamPrinters

Luxury Packaging Range